Articles in Journal

  • Derisking the low-carbon transition: investors’ reaction to climate policies, decarbonization and distributive effects
    Authors: Monasterolo I., Dunz N., Mazzocchetti A., Gourdel, R.
    Review of Evolutionary Political Economy, 2022.


  • Compounding COVID-19 and Climate Risks: The Interplay of Banks’ lending and government’s policy in the shock recovery
    Authors: Dunz N., Essenfelder A., Mazzocchetti A., Monasterolo I., Raberto M.
    Journal of Banking & Finance, 2021. In press, corrected proof


  • Systemic Financial Risk Indicators and Securitised Assets: an Agent-Based Framework
    Authors: Mazzocchetti A., Lauretta E., Raberto M., Teglio A., Cincotti S.
    Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, 2020. Vol. 15, n. 2, pp. 9-47


  • Assessment of the economic and social impact using SROI: an application to sport companies
    Authors: Lombardo G., Mazzocchetti A., Rapallo I., Tayser N., Cincotti S.
    Sustainability, 2019. Vol. 11, n. 13, pp. 3612


  • Budgetary Rigour with Stimulus in Lean Times: Policy Advices from an Agent-Based Model
    Authors: Teglio A., Mazzocchetti A., Ponta L., Raberto M., Cincotti S.
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2019. Vol. 157, pp. 59-83


  • Securitization and Business Cycle: an Agent-Based Perspective
    Authors: Mazzocchetti A., Raberto M., Teglio A., Cincotti S.
    Industrial and Corporate Change, 2018. vol. 27, n. 6, pp. 1091–1121


  • Unconventional Monetary Policy: Between the Past and Future of Monetary Economics
    Authors: Guerini M., Lamperti F. and Mazzocchetti A.
    European Journal of Economics and Economic Policy: Intervention, 2018. vol. 15, n. 2, pp. 122-131


Book chapters

  • Unconventional Monetary Policy in the USA and in Europe
    Authors: Guerini M., Lamperti F., Mazzocchetti A.
    In: Vlachos V., Bitzenis A. (eds) European Union (pp. 37-61), 2019
    Publisher:  Palgrave Macmillan. DOI:


Working papers

  • The double materiality of climate physical and transition risks in the euro area
    Authors: Gourdel R., Monasterolo I., Dunz N., Mazzocchetti, A., Parisi, L.
    ECB Working Paper n° 2022/2665, May 2022. DOI:


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